GHENT, WV (WVNS)– Currently, there are at least six different open drive-in theaters in West Virginia just waiting to be explored.

According to, West Virginia got a late start in obtaining drive-ins, but by the mid 1950s the state had around 75 drive-in theaters. However, most have been closed same as other regions in the US. Now, only six remain open in the state.

Open Drive-in locations:

  • Pipestem Drive-in – a single screen theater located in Athens WV, which is located in the southern part of the state and was opened in 1972. It only operates on the weekends and only accepts cash.
  • Hilltop Drive-in – A single screen theater located in Chester WV. It opened in 1950 but went dark in 1984, where it remained unused for five years until it was purchased in 1989. It opens seasonally from April to October and screens double features seven days a week.
  • Warner Drive-in Cultural and Resource Center – Located in Franklin WV, this theater opened in 1953, where it operated until 2014 and was closed due to lack of funding. in 2016 the theater was re-opened by a non-profit and was changed from Warner’s drive in to the Warner Drive-in Cultural and Resource Center. It generally operated from May to October with showings only on the weekends.
  • Meadow Bridge Drive-in – Located in Meadow Bridge WV, this theater is the state’s smallest drive-in, with only a capacity for 180 cars. It opened in 1953 and has the lowest admission prices around for double features. It operates only on the weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Starlite Drive-in – Located in Oak Hill WV, this young theater was opened in 2016 by Chuck ant Tom Miller. The theater is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, only accepting cash. Even pets are allowed!
  • Sunset Drive-in – Located in Shinston WV, this theater is the oldest in the state, opening in 1947. It hosts a roadside cafe that is open throughout the year, but the theater itself is only open from April to September. Also, only accepting cash.

So, if you would like a night to experience a classic drive-in movie, these are the places to go in the wild and wonderful state.