MONTGOMERY, WV (WVNS) — BridgeValley Community and Technical College received three new state-of-the-art commercial driver’s license driving simulators.

This is an authentic, one-of-a-kind program experience that is useful for different fields, if the student decides to go into a certain type of industry that requires a CDL license. This program will also help people who have never driven an 18-wheeler before or anything with a stick shift.

These simulators were possible due to $1.4 million government fund through a congressionally directed spending request from West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, with additional funding from Governor Jim Justice’s office, and the West Virginia Community and Technical College System.

“This significant investment in cutting-edge technology will not only enhance the educational experience for our students but also contribute to the overall safety and proficiency of future commercial truck drivers. We are deeply grateful to Senator Manchin, Governor Justice, and the WVCTCS for their support, making this initiative a reality,” said BridgeValley Community and Technical College President Dr. Casey Sacks.

The TranSim Truck Driving Simulators offer best-in-class simulation-based training for commercial truck drivers and regular drivers as well. This is because they provide a safe and controlled environment for new drivers alike and assist with decision making as if they were on the road really driving. These simulators are so advanced that they can adjust to the driver and can change to different terrain and driving scenarios as well. This will assure that the driver can drive defensively, safely, and in a comprehensive manner.

Sacks added that these simulators are beneficial to the community as well, not only for new drivers that want to learn, but for people who need these types of certifications for certain jobs. These training programs can also be completed in as fast as four weeks.

“There are so many employers who can’t find people right now who have a commercial driver’s license. It’s a big need in our workforce, even we have a great lineman program where people climb power poles and do the electricity to handle all the power, and having a CDL is a prerequisite for that program,” concluded Sacks.

If interested, participants must register for this course. For more information, please visit where you can specifically find what courses you are looking for.