OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) – Local school district leaders gathered for a conference in Fayette County as the new school year is underway.

The conference was part of the Southern Educational Services Co-Operative, an organization that brings school districts together to share ideas and solutions.

“These meetings help them see things they may not have been exposed to,” explained Chief Administrator for the Southern Educational Services Co-operative Jason Butcher. “For instance the EVOLV system that we saw today,”

Superintendents from other districts got to see Fayette County’s EVOLV system in action. EVOLV is a weapon identification system placed at the entrances of Fayette County Schools.

Pocahontas County Schools superintendent Terrence Beam said even though his county doesn’t have the resources to place officers in schools full-time, something like the EVOLV system could really help his district step-up school safety.

“The EVOLV system sounds like a really good option, especially maybe for counties that can’t afford or don’t have the resources for PRO officers,” said Beam. “It helps protect our kids a little bit better so it’s a great opportunity. We’re going to investigate the cost of it.”

Beyond safety, the agenda also included budgets, test scores, and staff shortages.

Butcher said the ideas shared in these co-op meetings allow new superintendents the chance to learn the ropes from folks with a lifetime of experience in education.

“This gives all that experience an opportunity to come together and help provide direction for a less-tenured superintendent so that they can provide better for the students of their counties,” said Butcher.