MONROE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – A beloved bus driver in Monroe County completed his final school bus route.

His last drive was on June 1, 2023. Alan Spangler got the nickname ‘Poor Al’ from a friend he played cards with.

The name stuck among all the students he drove. Spangler worked as a school bus driver in Monroe County for the past forty-four years. He was greeted for his last day driving this morning by a celebration of cheering students and staff. ‘Poor Al’ said he’s seen generations of students come and go, and in some cases return again.

“A lot of these people I’m working with now, Several of them I hauled to school when they were young. When I started, I was working with the people that taught me in school, and now I’m working with the people that I drove to school. It’s very interesting,” said Spangler.

After driving buses for so long, Alan Spangler said he’s ready to retire. Spangler said he plans to raise cattle as his retirement hobby, and looks forward to his ‘next chapter’.