CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — With summer here, that means the classes of 2022 have been graduating across the globe worldwide, and fresh new minds have come out to test the limits in the real world.

While Massachusetts and California have some of the most prestige and elite graduates, how intelligent are the other percent that make up the rest of America?

Thanks to a new study from, statistics reveal America’s most enhanced states, to America’s average states in the ranking.

This doesn’t mean lack of intelligent from state to state. It just shows in a sense, which states have access to better educational resources and low rankings can also be due to environmental factors.

According to statistics, Massachusetts takes the number one spot, which isn’t surprising since Harvard University and MIT reside there, with some of the most prestige minds in the world. With an index score of 93.9 out of 100, it’s known of the reputation of Massachusetts being ranked highly.

New Hampshire, Massachusetts trails just behind and is also home to America’s highest average ACT score (27.6) and and also highest percentage of residents to hold an advanced or technical degree (20.3%).

Another not so shocking statistic is Connecticut, which is the home of Yale University. This state scored 73.8 on the index, giving it the 2nd highest ACT score (27.2) and 3rd for residents who hold an advanced or technical degree (17.84%).

And following behind those states, but not too far are Maryland, Virginia, and Vermont.

The following are America’s 15 most intelligent states, according to statistics:

  1. Massachusetts: 93.9
  2. Connecticut: 73.8
  3. Maryland: 72.8
  4. Virginia: 72.5
  5. Vermont: 72.2
  6. New Hampshire: 70.5
  7. New Jersey: 69.5
  8. Colorado: 69.4
  9. Minnesota; 67.0
  10. Washington: 60.3
  11. New York: 57.8
  12. Maine 55.8
  13. Utah: 55.5
  14. Kansas: 53.3
  15. Nebraska: 52.5

Unfortunately, West Virginia ranks lowest on the index, with their 2nd lowest percentage of residents who lack an advanced or technical degree (8.43%). The state also ranks the lowest for obtaining a bachelor’s degree (21.05%) and 8th for lowest IQ scores across the states (97.2).

And then coming in a close second is the state of Mississippi, which shows their index score of 13.3 out of 100. This state also holds the 2nd lowest IQ at 95.8, but this is due to their above average SAT scores, helping them significantly when it comes to holding the bottom spot.

The following states, Louisiana (15.2), Arkansas (19.1), and Nevada (20.0) make up the bottom five states on the according to statistics in the following:

  1. West Virginia: 12.6
  2. Mississippi: 13.3
  3. Louisiana: 15.2
  4. Arkansas: 19.1
  5. Nevada: 20.0
  6. New Mexico: 20.4
  7. Alabama: 22.4
  8. Oklahoma: 22.4
  9. Texas: 23.9
  10. South Carolina: 28.0
  11. Kentucky: 30.5
  12. Florida: 32.4
  13. Tennessee: 34.2
  14. Arizona: 35.9
  15. Idaho: 36.5

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