UNION, WV (WVNS) — A fire broke out on Nov. 11, 2019 at the Audrina Mill in Monroe County, completely disabling one of their structures.

Mill manager, Ricky Edwards, said the loss of this building is a setback for the company.

“We’re gonna build it back,” Edwards said. “We’re gonna come back strong, open more positions, and make a bigger impact in our community. This is just a small setback.”

Forty-five minutes after the fire department arrived on scene, the flames were contained.

“The impact on our employees has been our main concern,” Edwards said. “We, at this time, are working with our insurance companies, other saw mills in the area, to get everyone back to work and in placement as fast as we can.”

Employees at Audrina Mill call themselves family, saying they see more of the job than they do of home. But now, just 48 hours after the fire, the people affected are left wondering what will happen to their jobs.

Edwards said competitors across the area reached out to offer help, but the goal is too keep them employed at Audrina.

“When you’ve got good people, you really need to try and make sure they can go and I really think it was great for the offer to be extended,” Edwards said.

The operation will be rebuilt in the near future, in a slightly different location. But Edwards said this does not change the hurt that employees feel towards the fire.

“It was really hard for our employees, myself included, to witness the building go up in smoke because every inch of it we’ve put forth the effort to build,” Edwards said.

Edwards is hopeful the structure will be rebuilt sometime next week.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.