OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — O’Kill Con is on it’s way, and it’s loaded with fun activities such as meeting actors from cult hit horror films.

This first ever O’Kill Con will take place this October in Oak Hill, WV. The event will have a variety of unique vendors, opportunities for autographs and photos with some of your favorite horror celebrities, horror gaming, a costume contest and party.

59News was able to speak with one of these actors, Jeremy Ambler, who played a zombie in the walking dead and was featured in the new “Wrong Turn” movie. He was able to tell us what he’ll be doing at O’Kill con and where you can find more of his work.

Are you excited for O’Kill Con?

“You know, it’s the first one in our area. I mean, you know, Charleston used to have a Shocker Con convention, but they don’t do that anymore. So now with Oak Hill, trying to do, you know, with Retro Games and stuff, trying to put an event together. I think it’s gonna be really cool. I know that they’ve got a lot of response out of it.”

What do you plan on doing at the Con?

“It’s going to be, you know, we’re going to be meeting the fans. We’re gonna be setting the tables, signing autographs, taking pictures with the fans for a fee, a small fee. And now I’m not. I can’t really speak up for my other stars that’ll be there because I’m not really for sure about their prices and stuff, but my stuff is normally $20 and below.”

Where can we find more of you?

“Yeah, you can find me on the IMDb under Jeremy Ambler, or you can also find me and friend me on Facebook under Jeremy Ambler.