MCDOWELL COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — Comedy keeps coming from Southern West Virginia!

Actors Cody Aaron and Joe Morris, along with other local actors are making comedic content where a percentage of proceeds will go to children and families in need, specifically children with cancer.

Their show, “Bronson and Ferdie” is filled with comedy that children and parents can enjoy together.

“We want to make something that children can enjoy with their parents that they don’t have to feel nervous about watching. You always know that it’s a kid friendly thing when you’re watching Bronson and Ferdie,” said Aaron.

“This is all for kids with cancer and raising awareness for them and to help save up some funds for them, and to help families all around the world,” said Morris.

You can view this content coming soon on the streaming platform, [Second Team Entertainment] 2ndTeamEntertainment.