GHENT, WV (WVNS) — With the warm weather entering the atmosphere, we are ready to get out and have a good time! Spring is a great start for working out and having a fun time while doing it.

The following are great ways to get out and get a great workout while meeting your daily requirements.

Walking, Running, or Hiking

According to verywellfit, walking, jogging, and running are the classic forms of cardio. Since spring is in the air, the weather is perfect for taking your exercise outside. If you live near trails and mountains, like here in the Mountain State, there is no limit to where you can bring your cardio. It can even get your heart rate up and help manage or lose weight. It is also a fun activity you can do with family and friends.

Outdoor Yoga

This is also another great form of exercise to bring outdoors. verywellfit explains that its also gentle and easy enough for beginners who have not gotten a lot of exercise during the winter and colder months. If you are looking to ease back into a regular workout routine, yoga may be the way to go. Yoga has been shown to have beneficial effects on both the mind and body. It strengthens your muscles, improves your flexibility, and reduces stress and anxiety, says verywellfit. It is also a great way to get in touch with nature.


Sure, you can do this inside, but why not try it outside in the beautiful warm weather? This is the season to start biking in the great outdoors. verywellfit suggests that even though indoor spin classes can be an effective workout, taking your bike outside brings a new set of challenges. Outdoor cycling can also bring a new change of scenery as well. Also cycling outdoors can become a more intensive challenge than doing it indoors, if that is what you are into.


Yes, you can do the same workout everyday, but it can become tedious and out of style quickly, wanting you to find a new workout that suits your needs. verywellfit explores the idea to shake things up a different way, which is trying different circuits you can do with family and friends. These activities can be done in your backyard or at the park. There are some parks that stations for such where you can perform different exercises.

Outdoors Sports

There is another suggestion for exercise during Springtime. verywellfit says playing catch, shooting hoops, and running drills can also be great forms of exercise. Why not try something like soccer of beach tennis? Sports are not only a great form of exercise, but a fantastic way to socialize and have fun doing it. With so much to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

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