FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) – It’s too late to become a BASE jumper for Bridge Day this year, but have you ever wondered how you can jump off the bridge? It turns out it may be easier-or harder- than you think.

Registration for jumping on Bridge Day began on July 1 this year, and lasts until the spots become sold out for the event. A BASE jumping pass cost 75 dollars, while choosing the Rastapult option only cost 50 dollars.

Any person who is interested in performing the jump on Bridge Day is required to have completed at least 50 prior BASE jumps. No background check is required or performed before Bridge Day.

For first-time jumpers on Bridge Day, a first jump training course is required. In addition to the first jump course, a one-day and a three-day training are both provided for any interested BASE jumpers.

Other than bringing the correct gear (Any BASE specific rig and canopy, a 9′ bridle, and a 42″ PC.) these are the only required prerequisites to jump, at least for this year.

BASE jumping is inherently dangerous. The official Bridge Day website for 2022 advises that any potential jumpers be as prepared as possible. Training and preparation help reduce the risk of BASE jumping, but even the most experienced jumpers can be seriously injured or killed.

The official website for Bridge Day assures all potential jumpers that it provides a good environment for your first BASE jump because:

  • Altitude. You have a lot more time to recover from a bad exit than at the Perrine. (half the height).
  • Landing. You can take the water and highly experienced rescue personnel will have you out of the water, usually in seconds.
  • Experienced help. Bridge Day is all about the first time jumper, and every year, experienced staff check each jumper’s gear prior to exiting the bridge. Every year, issues are caught that could have caused a fatality.

So if you’re interested in jumping next year, be sure to sign up early and jump off of high things 50 times to be ready for the New River Gorge Bridge.