MERCER COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — It all stemmed from a passion for helping and promoting children with cancer, which led to a passion for the paranormal and acting, making scary videos on YouTube of the paranormal. 59News was able to get an exclusive interview with two paranormal investigators, Cody Aaron and Cody Hicks.

“A little boy named Emile, that I loved very much, he died of brain cancer on Halloween of last year, he was the first child I ever helped, and it just pushed me to want to do something. So we actually ended up making a scary video for Halloween of a Dybbuk Box, and I just did entertainment videos, and within one month we were in 18 countries around the world,” said Cody Aaron.

“We jumped the gun big time on that,” added Cody Hicks.

Then it all began. Aaron and Hicks started to get deeper into the paranormal. Once they started making their scary paranormal videos, people started contacting them asking them to come and investigate.

This included the Travel Channel, in which they appeared as guests on Paranormal Caught on Camera, and 2ndteamentertainment [Second Team Entertainment] became interested in their work, even forming a contract with them. 2ndteamentertainment was also mentioned in Forbes.

“When the Travel Channel had first reached out to me, I don’t think any of us really knew what to think because we were just doing it to get attention for the kids with cancer. Anyway, then for 2ndteamentertainment to be like, ‘Hey you know we’re competitors of Netflix and we want you guys to be a paranormal show for us,’ I was like, man that’s great!,” said Aaron.

Because of that contract from 2ndteamentertainment, Cody Aaron and his team have the open creativity to make any show from paranormal to comedy to action and other genres as well.

Despite the fame and the notice from other production companies, Cody Aaron and Cody Hicks came with a goal to reach.

“To help kids with cancer is definitely the main goal, but we are excited to bring a network here where we’re at locally. We always get looked over. I would love to make my series here [McDowell County, West Virginia], you know the stuff we’re going to be doing. We’re talking about right now about making a comedy series in McDowell and just doing all kinds of different stuff here. It’s going to be a big thing for West Virginia for doing this,” Aaron said ecstatically.

They also added that they want to promote people who are interested in acting as well in the Mountain State.

To follow Cody Aaron, Cody Hicks, and the rest of their team, visit their YouTube channel at CodyAaron725, and their future network content at 2ndteamentertainment.