PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — During the Covid-19 pandemic, many exciting events around the area and the world came to a halt and what people viewed as normal and consistent in their lives stopped.

Midnight video game releases where fans of different series came together to share their excitement over a franchise were one of the many things to disappear. Princeton GameStop was one of the most popular local places for residents to gather for these releases.

Without them, the store saw a huge difference in sales. GameStop manager Darrell Miller says that while he cannot speak for the company as a whole, he felt as though he experienced quite the difference.

“Obviously midnight releases drive more excitement. And that leads to a lot more foot traffic in the store. With Covid, all that was gone. The last few years have felt empty compared to what we used to do.”

GameStop manager Darrell Miller

Miller says that, now that things have improved and Covid is less of a threat, he’s hopeful about the release of an extremely popular title getting a midnight release in November. 

“I do think the new ‘Pokemon’ games are going to drive lots of new and old customers into the store and I have already seen an increase in business due to this title. Because there are also lots of extra items for guests to pick up while they’re buying the game, I believe that’s [‘Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’] one that will really drive revenue up.”

GameStop manager Darrell Miller

Miller says that the employees of the store are very excited for this upcoming release and are looking forward to seeing new and old customers alike coming together to enjoy something together as they did prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The title will be released on November 18th of 2022.