FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — If your looking for some laughs, fun, and excitement, this may be the show for you!

Scriptless in Seattle is a live comedy improvisation group that will be performing for a once in lifetime show right here in the Mountain State! The show will be at the historic Fayette Theatre in Fayetteville on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. The show will run for about 2 hours with a bit of intermission.

This show is one of its kind due to the fact that every show they do only happens once. Everything they say and do only happens at that moment during a show. This is what makes their shows so unique.

“I have never put on a show that’s like any other. The way that it works, so we actually build it collaboratively. So we’ll ask the audience questions, they’ll give us answers, and we kind of build it together. Obviously, we do the heavy lifting. We do the the actual scene building and the songwriting, but everything else it comes directly from the audience, which is pretty cool. So you can come see seven shows in a row and every single one of them will be completely different. And we like to say that the show you’re about to see has never been performed before and will never be performed again. And it’s true that that content will never happen anywhere else ever again,” said Justin Folger, the group Manager for the Live Comedy Group, Scriptless in Seattle.

The comedy group started in April of 2019 and were at a talent show at their high school. The MC needed a name for their improvisation act, so the group came up with a pun, Scriptless in Seattle, and the rest was history. The group then started to travel to other states to tour.

This show is sure to bring the public out for a good time. This show will definitely bring the community together.

“If everybody comes together and comes and sees the show, it’s at the end of Bridge Day, which is exciting. It’s a good way to sort of forget for a moment all of the things that are happening in life and all of the things that maybe divide us, and we can kind of come together on something that unifies us and that’s laughter. It’ll be funny for all of us,” added Folger.

For more information on this show and how to buy tickets, please visit www.scriptlessinseattle.com. You can also visit their Instagram at scriptless_in_seattle.