GHENT, WV (WVNS) — West Virginia is an incredibly unique state filled with an abundance of natural scenery, kind people, and talent.

59News sat down (virtually) with one West Virginia native who continues to work his way into the music scene, especially with his most recent album drop.

Huey Mack, originally from Morgantown, recently released the song, ‘Dear West Virginia’, one of the few jams off of his newest album ‘Cozy Bar’, which is out now! The Mountain State song features fellow West Virginia native and Country music star Brad Paisley, as well as the West Virginia University Choir.

Aside from the lyrics that seem to hit home in one way or another, the music video is what a lot of people are talking about. Produced by Bob Tinell of Allegheny Image Factory in Morgantown, the video follows Huey across the places and mainly the people who helped make him who he is today. Each video scene includes a different message for viewers to follow along with so they can get a small glimpse into Huey’s life before the music.

“All of my best qualities come from West Virginia. Living somewhere like Los Angeles, I don’t have the desires that some people in a city like this have.”

Huey Mack | Musician

The song, which continues to make its way across social media platforms of every West Virginian, has racked up more than 126,000 views on YouTube in just four days. When asked about the significance of having fellow West Virginia native Brad Paisley featured on the song, Huey said he was one of the few guys from West Virginia he knew who succeeded in the music industry.

“I am very grateful for the dude because he in no way had to do that for me. We didn’t know each other, still don’t know each other, and he still took the time to do that. So, it is a little surreal.

That was one of the only dudes from West Virginia that I knew of when I wanted to get into music growing up that did it. I sent him a message where I explained that I didn’t really grow up on country but that he was one of those dudes that somebody showed me and I was like, “Woah it is possible”.

In my note, I told him I wanted to give that to the next generation.”

Huey Mack | Musician

Aside from his music, Huey also records a podcast ‘Halfway Wholesome’ which is up to 12 episodes as of now. With him currently based in Los Angeles, Huey is able to link with other artists, musicians, and creators to talk about what goes into their particular craft. The podcast can be watched on YouTube and listened to wherever you get your podcasts!

In no relation to music, Huey gave his hopeful thoughts on the upcoming WVU Basketball season! “I have been a WVU fan for almost 30 years and I will always come into the season hopeful,” he said.

What some fans of Huey’s may not know is who he would like to do a song or perform with if given the chance! When asked during a series of rapid fire questions, he said “Taylor Swift” with no hesitation. “I am a Swiftie”, he continued.

Through his music, Huey Mack continues to give his fans a glimpse into what makes West Virginia so special! The full ‘Dear West Virginia’ music video can be seen below!

You can find Huey Mack’s newest album ‘Cozy Bar’ on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube or anywhere else you find your music. The ‘Dear West Virginia’ music video can be seen on YouTube through the Huey Mack. You can also listen or watch the ‘Halfway Wholesome’ podcast on YouTube or wherever else you get your podcasts!