CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Work-life balance is key for many reasons.

It provides proper balance, reduces burnouts and increases productivity, but it also helps workers feel more fulfilled and respected at their place of work.

According to a study,

  1. States with Best Work/Life Balance: 1.Vermont 2. North Dakota 3. Nevada 4. Wyoming 5. Utah 
  2. States with Worst Work/Life Balance: 1. Idaho 2. Iowa 3. Tennessee 4.Rhode Island 5. New Mexico
  3. On average, people in West Virginia work for 8 hours a day, do household chores for 1 hour, sleep for 7.5 hours and have 3.5 hours for leisure (i.e. socializing, exercising, reading)

Whether you live in a state that prioritizes work over fun or one that knows all about balance, there’s no doubting the importance of leisure time.

Doing activities you enjoy can help reduce stress, recharge your energy, and even improve your mental health. Make time to relax as well, such as spending time with loved ones, experiencing the outdoors, or playing games alone or with others.

For more information, you can view the study here.