FAIRLEA, WV (WVNS)– Grammy award-winning and best-selling artist Flo Rida rocked the main stage at the grandstand at the state fair, Friday, August 19, 2022. 59News anchor Izzy Post sat down with the Diamond Selling artist for an exclusive interview. 

IP: “Izzy Post here at the state fair of West Virginia with an exclusive interview with Grammy Award-winning and bestselling artist, Flo Rida. First of all, hi, how are you? Nice to meet you. “

FLO: “Excellent. Nice to meet you as well.”

IP: “Welcome to West Virginia. How are you liking it so far?”

FLO: “Oh, man. Definitely loving the hospitality, you know, excited to see the smiles, the joy, you know, I mean, about the witness the greatest party on earth. So I mean, definitely happy to be here.”

IP: “You tend to sell out larger venues. This is kind of smaller for you. So do you prefer doing a smaller venue like this?”

FLO: “I mean, it doesn’t matter when you’re passionate about something. I love that we greet each and every one of my fans because I feel like they’re very special to me and went out with them. I wouldn’t have a career. So I want to touch every place around the world if I can.”

IP: “You’ve been around this for a long time now. Does it get better with time? Is that the same? How does it feel you know, many years in the business now?” 

FLO: “I mean, it only gets better with time. You know, the fact that more hits, more people to reach. I’m reaching, you know, a new audience. It definitely helps me to catapult my career. It’s a whole nother level. So always excited about that for sure.”

IP: “And your newest single, ‘What a Night,’ out now. So if fans haven’t heard it, how where can they find it and what can they expect from it?”

FLO: “You can go online, you know, definitely, man, you’ll get a glimpse of all of my shows @officia_Flo, you hit me up on social media. I mean, you can definitely go online and follow a lot of my fans and you’ll see a lot of, you know, great parties, that’s what I call them. And yeah, I’ll give my go to it’s someone’s get the music and thank you all for all the love and support. Since day one man, we had over 100 million records, so we just went diamond with “Low” so definitely a super exciting diamond with ‘Low’. “

IP: “First of all, congratulations. How does that feel?”

FLO: “I mean, it feels great. You know, we got the, you know, sellouts of my brother, my manager, Freeze. He got me this and, you know, commemorates those going ‘Low’. So, I mean, definitely just thanking the fans, man. It’s such a blessing. Every time I perform, it feels like the first time.”

IP: “Awesome. Flo Rida, thank you so much.”