RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS)- Faith Community Church goes on mission to Honduras each year. Though this year they received a large donation. 

Faith Community Church in Beckley participates in an annual mission trip to Honduras. 

Specifically, they visit the San Pedro Sula area to provide services for those in need. 

This year, Faith Community Church received a large donation of men’s underwear to provide.

Tim Taylor, Church Council Member and Organizer for Mission Trips, was instrumental in getting the donation.

““I got in contact with a company out in Los Angeles called ‘Krakatoa’ and through a blog I realized that they had some underwear that they were gonna donate and I requested to be included in that donation and the donation ended up being 5,044 pair of underwear,” said Taylor.

Those on mission for Faith Community Church provide services such as clothing, food and medical care.

Taylor says the quantity was very unexpected but the donation will prove to be incredibly impactful. 

“We felt like that the donation was so large cause when I first requested the donation, I thought maybe the donation might be like 250 pair, so when the donation came back with over 5000, it was such a great donation that we thought that maybe we could repurpose some of for some of the local causes,” said Taylor to 59News.

Faith Community Church has been committed to the mission of serving those in Honduras for 14 years. Taylor describes the large donation as a provision from God.