BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Day Two of Causeacon at the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center was another success according to event organizers.

Fans from across the spectrum drove their Millenium Falcons, Starfleet starships, their horse named Epona, or their muggle cars for a weekend of fun at Causeacon 2023. As the name suggests, this charity pop culture convention hosted by Fright Night in Glade Springs raises money for AWAY, formally the Women’s Resource Center.

“What’s so great about Causeacon is one, it brings a community together that maybe they don’t realize how many people actually are a part of their community. So it’s great for our community, for our town, for our outreach and everything like that. But it’s great for AWAY because we are primarily a grant funded organization.”

– Erin Jones – AWAY Assistant Executive Director

The charity aspect of the event was one reason Larry and his wife Jane Zote of Hell on Wheels Traveling Shop from Grand Rapids Michigan make the drive.

“We’ve actually been at this convention since it’s very beginning. We heard about it when we looked at the website that talked about what they were promoting, not just the people that were coming here, but what the cause was for where the money was going. We decided we like this show so much. We wanted to continue to come here. I believe this is our ninth year.”

– Larry Zote – Hell on Wheel Traveling Shop Owner

As you may guess, the creative community of so many genres of pop-culture in one place is a great opportunity to hear panels from voice actors, popular cosplay entertainers, and meet authors. Michael (M.D.) Boncher is a one of these local authors with a unique take on fantasy history who loves meeting people and discussing his craft.

“What good is it to write fantasy if you’re not going to have all the supernatural fun stuff to go on with it. So it’s all the special effects turned to 11. The monsters, the magic and everything like that, except with Vikings and Indians and steam ships and all that running around mashed together because I just can’t write a clean genre anyway.”

– M.D. Boncher – Akiniwazisaga Author

And the convention is filled with artesian crafters from near and galaxies far, far away. From D&D supplies to Mario themed goodies, there is a surprise around every turn.  Truly something for every fan across the spectrum of pop culture all for a great cause.

The 3 day event ends Sunday with gates open from 10a.m. to 11p.m. A full list of events and activities can be found on the Causeacon Facebook Page. Tickets can be purchased for the event on their website.