BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS)–Farmers in Southwest Virginia are feeling the impact of rising diesel and gas prices nationally.

Especially at Andre Fourie Stables in Bluefield. Fourie, who owns the stables said he takes his horses to show as far as Kansas City and the price of gas has almost doubled for his trips. Fourie said it’s not just gas he’s paying more for.

“Fertilizer is more expensive because of oil going up. It’s three times the price what it was in 2020. It used to be $380, now it’s $1100 a ton,” Fourie said.

Fourie said grain prices rose because of rising shipping costs with trucks. He told 59News how much he’s had to adjust to keep his stables up and running.

“Our farm truck was $75 to fill up now it’s $150 to fill up. My tractor, the one we use everyday cutting fields, so it’s diesel, it’s spraying crop fields, it’s diesel and it’s also tractor takes about $100 to fill up where it used to be $35 to fill up,” Fourie said.

Fourie said if gas prices continue to rise like this, he’ll be forced to make cuts to fund the additional expenses.