SMITHERS, WV (WVNS)– A Smithers flood victim said some property owners in the area have received no aid in cleaning up their flooded properties, following a flash flood on August 16, 2022.

The flood destroyed properties and caused damage inside homes, residents reported earlier.

Rod Fox, who owns two properties on Cannelton Hollow Road in Smithers, said organizations and agencies have helped residents and business owners clear debris from their property. However, because Fox does not live in his two buildings, he said, agencies have told him he is ineligible to receive help cleaning.

Instead, he has removed debris with help from friends and family.

“I cannot get any help from any organizations that are here helping other people, which I understand,” said Fox. “They’re residents, and they’ve lost everything.”

He emphasized he does not want to suggest residents should not have help.

“I hope they get all the help they can, and then some,” said Fox. ” But I need a little bit of help, as well.”

Fox closed his car repair business in Smithers after a flood in 2001 destroyed much of his property. He has used his two buildings to store classic cars and a large number of tools.