HINTON, WV (WVNS)– A former teacher and mayor of Hinton was announced as the 2021 New Spirit of Hinton.

Cleo Mathews was given the title on the city of Hinton’s Facebook page on Friday, November 19, 2021.

Mathews was the mayor of Hinton from 2001-2009. She was also the president of the West Virginia State Board of Education, led the groundbreaking of new independent senior living units, and helped with the development of the Mainstreet Long Term Care unit at the Summers County Appalachian Regional Hospital.

The current Mayor, Jack Scott, said there is no one more deserving of this honor.

“She has exemplified the spirit of this community for her adult life and continues to do so today. We are delighted to honor her this year,” Scott said.

Mathews will also serve as the Grand Marshall of the City of Hinton’s Christmas Parade and will light the city’s Christmas tree on Saturday, December 4, 2021.