He has played in the biggest game in the NFL twice, winning one, and he is from right here in Beckley. Former Flying Eagle Doug Legursky played at Woodrow Wilson High School before moving on to Marshall University. Eventually signing on with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008. 

In 2009, he earned his ring. After living through the Big Game expereince twice, he said the weeks leading up to the big game are about more than just strategy and preparation. 

“So those two weeks are filled with a lot of stuff and most of it is not football,” Legursky said. “Most of it is you know you have to travel out to the city, you have a lot of media stuff  to do a lot of interviews.” 

Legursky said one of the best parts of making it to the big game is getting to expereince it with his family. 

“So that was fun for my family to come up and my friends to come up, and us to enjoy that experience together and not feel like your kind of missing out on a big time with your family,” Legursky said. “They are in the struggle with you day in and day out during the season, and for them to not be there during that time would feel weird. So it’s nice to have them there.”   

While many players have pregame rituals, Legurksy considered himself pretty boring before the big game. 

“You know I get to the stadium a little bit early. I kind of just relax I hang around the offensive line, we crack jokes and relax,” Legursky said. “It’s nothing to crazy. I don’t have any of that weird stuff in my locker or any of that stuff you hear about.”  

He said it is an expereince he will never forget. 

“You know it meant the world to be able to play on the biggest stage in front of the biggest crowd,” Legursky said. “And you know to go out there and compete against the best athletes in the world coming from West Virginia and be able to show that pride for the state meant everything. And to be there with the guys from the big city was pretty fun.” 

After winning the big game in 2009, he told 59 News going back to Pittsburgh for the parade is an amazing memory. 

“We’d all pile on the back of trucks,” Legursky said. “And I mean as far as you  can see down each one of the roads in downtown Pittsburgh was people. I don’t even know how they organized it or how they got it going on. But it was just a sea of people.”

After Legursky retired from the NFL, he came back to Beckley and helped the school that helped him chase his dream of playing football professionally. In 2016, he donated money to help Woodrow Wilson High School renovate its weight room. He said it is the least he could do to help Coach Street Surrett and his former team. 

“He was my leader all through high school. Growing up he was the one who mentored me, got me where I am today and I knew that I could do anything I had to do to support him,” Legursky said. 

Legursky said he would not have made it to the NFL if it was not for the support of his family, friends and community.