GHENT, WV (WVNS)–The pinch at the pump is hurting drivers more and more. And it doesn’t look like prices will drop any time soon.

Gas prices are reaching historic levels, and it’s impacting residents heavily.

Lori Weaver Hawkins, with AAA, said there are three main factors, crude oil prices, supply and demand, and the summer season.

“This is the time when we switch over from winter-blend gasolines to those summer blends and those summer blends costs more to produce. You get less gas out of each barrel of crude oil and so that prices gets passed along to the pumps,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins said there’s no telling when prices will go down and it all depends on the situation with Russia and Ukraine.

She also said the gas supply cannot keep up with the demand from consumers.

Eric Crook is a business owner who is feeling the pain at the pump in more ways than one. Cook owns a lawn mowing company and said he’s had to let go of his employee because he can’t pay out wages.

“It’s going to put me out of business if it keeps up because I can’t afford to do this and not make money. all my money is going to fuel and I’ve had to fire my helper. I can’t afford help anymore. I’ve got to do 28 lawns all by myself now,” Crook said.

Residents we spoke with tell 59News it’s beginning to change their way of living… Especially with the summer months approaching.

“People broke out here right now. Everybody trying to make it. It’s definitely going to affect people being able to go do more stuff. If you’re already crunching trying to go on vacation, now you gotta crunch even more,” Gibson & Wells said.