FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) – A local business in Fayette County plans to grill up some mushrooms, with your help.

Arrowhead Bike Farm is hosting a Mushroom Hunt and Foraged Lunch! Participants will hike alongside a master mushroom hunter to locate edible variants.

Co-owner Phil Waidner gave a breakdown of the evening’s activities.

“We will collect everything that’s edible. We will bring it back and hand it over to our kitchen. People will then have the option of sautéing it, or putting it on pizza, or doing whatever they wish with it,” said Waidner.

Tickets will include lunch and a drink, non-alcoholic and alcoholic options are available.

Waidner added it is important to understand the difference between edible and inedible mushrooms.

For ticket prices, visit the Arrowhead Farm Website.