CALDWELL, WV (WVNS) — Camp Ann Bailey, a Girl Scout camp that started in 1927, closed in 1974, and laid vacant until 2003. The camp was then purchased by a person who made plans to develop the property, but that never happened.

In 2005, Joseph Buccine bought and cared for the property. Fifteen years later, it sold again on June 12, 2020.

“What really sold me about the camp was when I read a diary at the General Lewis Inn of former girl scouts,” Buccine said. “They all had such positive memories of this place. You have to realize this camp was in existence when opportunities for young ladies wasn’t available.”

The camp was purchased by Debrah Jankowski and her husband, Tom. Jankowski has deep ties to the campground; she and her mother were both campers of Camp Ann Bailey. In fact, she said many of the original buildings and features can still be found within the property.

“Those things just stir up memories because we just had such great times here and it stirs up a lot of great memories,” Jankowski said. “Maybe the best memories of my childhood were here at Camp Ann Bailey.”

Alinda Perrine, a Girl Scout and former camper at Camp Ann Bailey, said she was elated when she had the opportunity to be the listing agent.

“It’s just such an important piece of history, it’s an important piece of our community, and I’m so excited because a girl scout has this property,” Perrine said.

As for plans, the new owners said it is too soon to tell what they have in store.

“There’s fewer and fewer of these places available and there’s a lot of history here, and it’s important to maintain that,” Jankowski said.