BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — Recently, the second season debut of the Disney Launchpad mini-series has released a new movie called Black Belts, which premiered on Friday, September 29, 2023.

Disney’s Launchpad, streaming on the Disney+ Platform is a collection of short films from a new generation of directors, writers, and other creative minds that come from underrepresented backgrounds. The film ‘Black Belts‘ is a coming of age film about a teenager that wants to prove that he is an man by stealing his secret family martial arts technique. This film was produced from Bluefield State University Alumni, Mychal Guyton, alongside Spencer Glover who directed the film.

“Disney Launchpad is a short film incubator that’s focused on telling diverse stories and hiring diverse and inclusive directors, writers, producers to create short films for the program. So it’s in it’s second season. This second season is focused on the theme of connection so all the films that were created, which were six, they all focus on some form of connection,” said Spencer Glover, Director of the Disney Launchpad film, Black Belts.

“It’s an opportunity to work with great, upcoming filmmakers that have a different perspective on world and state, and we get to see that, said Mychal Guyton, Producer of the Disney Launchpad film, Black Belts.

This film is also a good opportunity for the community to connect and relate with the people they see in these films. Disney Launchpad is beneficial way to connect with the community.

“It allows up and coming filmmakers and creators to see other people that may not look like them or talk like them and to create stories that connect to them in their lives. It has impact because sometimes, growing up, you don’t see people that look like you, so therefore when you know there’s a film coming out and you see someone on the screen that has your similarities, you’re able to relate more and have that connection, expressed Guyton.

Both Guyton and Glover wanted to also share their insight to aspiring up and coming filmmakers that may still be struggling or feel underrepresented.

“The best advice that I would give an upcoming filmmaker, who is a person of color and may be struggling is to make sure you stay focused and stay true to who you are, put in the work, and things will fall into place. It may not be exactly how you want it to be, but it will fall into place in the manner that it’s supposed to happen. There’s no correct or right path in this industry, but there is a path, and you may be making your own way through it. But you’ll get there,” shared Guyton.

“You know, build your community of other filmmakers that you can rely on to create your art and don’t be afraid to bring yourself, your true self to whatever piece of art you’re trying to create because I think that’s what need to be seen on a larger scale and I think audiences are looking for that, they’re looking to go to the theater or jump on the television and watch themselves and disappear into a great story for 30 minutes or two hours, so don’t be afraid to be you and pour yourself into your art,” shared Glover.

You can look under Launchpad Collection short films on the Disney+ platform to view this short film.