CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Recently, Governor Jim Justice signed into law HB 125, an update to the West Virginia Motor Vehicle Property Tax Adjustment Credit.

This bill will help with the confusion that taxpayers have when choosing to pay their property tax bill.

“This is an example of good government. We recognized a problem and fixed it as fast as we could. This bill brings clarity and relief to West Virginia taxpayers and allows everyone to pay their full vehicle property tax this year without being penalized. We should never punish someone for paying their taxes on time, and this bill ensures that we are treating all taxpayers fairly,” Governor Justice said.

Here are some key takeaways taxpayers need to remember in order to get their credit:

  1. Pay your personal property taxes on time. To be timely, taxpayers can pay the full ticket now or pay half in 2023 and half by April 1, 2024.
  2. File your income tax returns every year in order to receive the credit.

Everyone is eligible for this credit except for car dealers. It is also noted that taxpayers that do not owe West Virginia income taxes and are not required to file a WV income tax return will be able to file a claim in early 2025 of their car property taxes paid.

You can check for more information and form requirements.