WELCH, WV (WVNS) — A grant from the West Virginia University Extension Service is going to good use in McDowell County. It is being used to keep kids healthy and active in one of West Virginia’s most depressed counties.

Director of Grayhound Youth Sports, Nathe Smith, teaches children the basics of tennis.

“My hat’s off to your guys for coming and being that strong person,” Smith told his students.

He received a pilot partnership grant from WVU to help start the program. It’s called Be Healthy, Be Wild, Be Wonderful. Only 16 programs in two counties received money from the extension service. There were eight each in McDowell and Clay Counties.

“You don’t see me, but I’m just jumping around this day for WVU to come all this way down into the south part of West Virginia,” expressed Smith.

The Grayhound Youth Sports Program accepts young people from both elementary schools in McDowell County.