BEAVER, WV (WVNS)–The Raleigh County Memorial Airport was packed with car enthusiasts across the state. Engines were roaring and drivers were showing off their vintage cars. Volkswagen, mustang, and Chevrolet are just a few of the cars displayed on Saturday, July 10, 2021.

The West Virginia Batman and his Batmobile were also there to show off some skills, as well as to fulfill the dream of a young Greenbrier County boy.

“Layne has spinal muscular atrophy type one. He was diagnosed at six months old. It’s a terminal illness. It is a neuromuscular deterioration of the muscles,” Barbara Adkins, Layne’s grandmother said.

Layne Hawkins is a nine-year-old from Crawley. He told 59News his favorite D.C. Superhero is Batman.

On Saturday, he and his family went up to the Batmobile to take a picture of it. However, Batman had another idea for Hawkins.

“I pray this gets the whole world to just be quiet for a minute and realize what is really important in life. What he deals with and what he battles with. There’s a lot of uncertainly with that for him so I said you know what we’re going to do. We are going to put you in the car and give you a ride. And he just lit up like a Christmas Tree,” John Buckland, who works for Heroes 4 Higher, also known as The West Virginia Batman, said.

Buckland said he lets kids ride in the batmobile to give them hope. He said the nickname for the batmobile is Hopemobile.

The West Virginia State Police, Jan Care, Beaver Fire, and Nascar, all came together and escorted Layne through the entire show.

Barbara Adkins is Hawkins’s grandmother. She said is thankful that everyone came together to support her grandson.

“Layne doesn’t get out to do very much and when he does I so appreciate and batman is just totally awesome,” Adkins said.

Layne said it was amazing driving through the show in the Batmobile at the car festival.

Giving Layne the ride of his life.