LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — There is a new addition at the Robert C. Byrd Clinic’s mobile triage area.

Greenbrier East High School Construction Trade students designed a mobile clinic that is being used to aid the clinic’s COVID-19 testing. It helps the staff get out of the weather if it gets bad and gives them a place to store their documents without them blowing away.

Dr. Chelsea Feger, Chief Resident of the Family Residence Program at the Clinic, said the mobile clinic helped the doctors and nurses out immensely during this period of uncertainty.

“It’s absolutely amazing and it just shows that every person can make a difference no matter what time of year they’re working and it really helps a lot of people in our community in general,” Dr. Feger said.

Dr. Feger said they are extremely grateful to have this mobile clinic in their possession as they continue to serve the community during this time.