TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS)–The next trip to the grocery store in Virginia might cost less thanks to a new grocery tax law that takes effect this month.

Tax Bulletin 22-12 will reduce the grocery tax rate from 2.5 percent down to one percent. Most grocery items and cold foods fall under this new rate with some exceptions.

Alcohol, tobacco, and prepared hot foods are not included while personal hygiene products and feminine hygiene products are allowed under the new reduced tax rate.

According to SoFi, the average person in the Commonwealth spends over $3,500 on groceries so with this new reduced tax shoppers could save hundreds of dollars for their next supermarket trip.

59News also received a statement from U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) which said:

“Lowering costs for families is a crucial priority. While my focus has been on what can be done on a federal level to lower costs—such as passing the Inflation Reduction Act—I am glad to see bipartisan action on the state level to provide Virginians with additional relief.”

U.S. Senator Time Kaine (D)

A more detailed list explaining what types of personal hygiene products and foods are or aren’t under a reduced rate can be found here.