GHENT, WV (WVNS)–Labor Day marks the unofficial start of campaign season and political hopefuls are on the road making their platforms known.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rashida Yost visited 59News while touring the southern part of West Virginia.

Yost is a childcare provider in the northern part of the state with more than three decades of experience. She told us focusing and investing in young people in the state will assist with the opioid epidemic, making the state more attractive to businesses, and bringing more people into the economy.

“I want to keep our children busy. If we keep our children busy, we are going to help stop sending clients over to the rehab,” said Yost. “The problem we have right now, ‘Oh, we have a lot of people who need help. We need to open more mental health clinics. We need to open more rehabs. We need to hire more people.’ No, you got to stop at some point and do preventive measures.”

Yost faces 5 other candidates in a crowded Republican primary including Mac Warner, Moore Capito, Chris Miller, Patrick Morrissey, and Chase Linko-Looper.

Primaries are May 14, 2024.