LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) – One local city is getting its own signature beer, but you can only get it for a limited time.

The city of Hinton partnered up with the Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company, for a very special collaboration ahead of this year’s Railroad Days. Rail Ale will be a special release from GVBC, only available in Hinton during railroad days next month.

Hinton Mayor Jack Scott worked with the folks at Greenbrier Valley to come up with the idea and even helped out in the brewing process.

“Greenbrier Valley Brewing is a great partner for the community and I thought it was a wonderful idea. So we came up with the idea to brew a special brew for railroad days only and it’s called Rail Ale,” the Mayor told 59News.

Brewer Brad Williams said Rail Ale is what’s called a Steam Ale, which includes a light and refreshing taste. He also says the key ingredient adds a little local flavor, from an unlikely source.

“You know people really think a lot about the grain and the hops, but ultimately beer is 95% water,” said Williams. “So to really give it that local flavor the ultimate thing is we used some Greenbrier County cave water.”

Brewers added the water in the caves in Renick is some of the purest water you’ll find anywhere. But if you need a little convincing to try a beer brewed with cave water, just know the money you spend to buy one at Railroad Days will go to a good cause.

“The people that are putting on the beer garden, the Elks Lodge, is raising money for a vocational scholarship,” GVBC Operations Director Alexander Durand said. “Every beer that you drink is going to help people go to trade schools.

You can get your hands on a Rail Ale at Railroad Days, October 20th through the 23rd in Hinton.