High-Functioning Water System at Summit Bechtel Reserve services 50,000+


Serving an International Group of more than 50 Thousand people means making sure there is plenty of drinking water, clean shower water, and all of that is perfectly managed on property at The Summit Bechtel Reserve.

“First, we buy our water from the City of Mount Hope. They pump our water in to our 8 million gallon water storage tank on top of the hill,” said Facilities Director Rob Ridgeway.

The water quality across the thousands of acres of reserve property is maintained by constant testing.

“We test [the water] at all the camps, all the chlorine testing goes out to a local lab, we get test results back on an every-other-day basis,” Ridgeway said. “We have folks going around an checking the chlorine from both our staff and the Army National Guard to make sure all the water tanks that the kids are drinking out of is safe an potable.”

The clean drinking water at The Summit is used for more than just staying hydrated, it is also the same water that is used in the showers, the sinks, and the fire hydrants.

“When you get to the shower houses, the water is recycled through our grey water system. The grey water system is used to flush our toilets. Any of the black water that comes out, it goes back out. We then pump it out in to our waste water treatment plant on the backside of our property,” Ridgeway said.

With all this clean water, there’s no excuse for being dehydrated. The Jamboree also has a system for hydration. Each scout has a badge, with guidelines for staying hydrated, on them at all times.

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