Raleigh County, WV (WVNS) — AAA is predicting a 2.3 percent rise in people traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday in 2023 and says that 49.1 million of them will be traveling by car.

With gas prices predicted to be lower than last year, more cars on the road means a bigger need to be cautious and vigilant while you’re heading to your destination.

Kristen Farley, Retail Manager at the Beckley AAA, explains that about 15 percent of West Virginia’s population will be traveling this week and 91% of them will be traveling by car.

It is not just people traveling around the state. People passing through the state to visit family and friends will also be on the highways.

The busiest time to travel this year will be Wednesday, November 22nd from 2 to 6 in the afternoon. Farley said that it’s best to plan around that peak travel time if you can, and to keep your car prepared by keeping a winter weather emergency kit at the ready.