BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– This year’s midterm elections seem to have everyone talking.

This is especially true during early voting where it seems the amendments on the ballot are pushing voters to come out to the polls.

Dr. Andi Kent, the Associate Professor of Political Science with WVU Tech said they saw changes in redistricting since the last election season.

“What we’re seeing now is that 100-seat house of delegates districts where we’re going to have one winner in every particular district so a lot more competition in some places,” Dr. Kent said.

Dr. Kent said this becomes simpler for the voter since you only vote for one.

They said redistricting is an important process.

“We have to redistrict all the time in order to ensure that you have relatively the same populations and relatively the same number of people voting for candidates in any particular district and so that is the mandate on redistricting overall,” Dr. Kent said.

Dr. Kent said voting matters!

And they said it doesn’t need to be a big, presidential election year.

“We always need to vote. Voting is how we determine who controls our state. Certainly, the entire house of delegates, the entire house of representatives are elected every midterm. And so the idea that there are no important seats open would be an absolute fallacy,” Dr. Kent said.