BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)–Students are going back to school across the nation, and one University in Raleigh County is making sure students are safe both on and off campus.

College safety is of utmost importance at WVU Tech in Beckley.

Emily Sands, the Dean of Students at the University, said they have different campaigns to help get the message of safety across to students.

“We also have a variety of safety resources that we provide to the students in regards to apps for their phone. One of them is called LiveSafe and it’s an app they can download that they can report something. We very much believe in ‘see something, say something’ so this lets them report if they see something, anonymously,” Sands said.

Instead of using the app, students can also use a text message service for weather alerts or other emergencies. Sands said they also utilize University Police who constantly patrol outdoor areas and buildings.

Students who live on campus can only get into their own residence hall with their student ID number and those halls are monitored and locked 24/7.

They also provide classes and programs for sexual assault awareness.

“October is domestic violence awareness month so we do special programming in October and things like that. And a lot of what we do it’s use the buddy system. It’s reiterating a lot of the stuff they’ve already learned in high school,” Sands said.