PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)– The big game is just a few days away now, but how are our local restaurants prepping to meet the intense demand for food?

Most restaurants will have to think ahead about how many people will want food delivered, or will want to go out to enjoy the game with friends and family. 

Jeff Weeks, owner of Calacino’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar, said that they will schedule more staff and order more food to compensate since they are expecting a large crowd.

Another restaurant owner, Tarek Abdelwahad of Angelo’s Pizza, similarly said his restaurant orders about five times the amount of food for the Big Game, especially wings. On top of that, they have to prepare at least a week ahead to compensate for how busy it gets. 

“The biggest problem is they want their food at the same time when the game starts, and that’s what normally creates the chaos,” said Abdelwahad. “So, we put more people on the schedule than normal.”

On the bright side, however, Abdelwahad said February is the restaurant’s best month all year. He also mentioned that people who order wings from Angelo’s have a history of their team winning.