BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, events across the region are being canceled. The Humane Society of Raleigh County is no stranger to the effects of the pandemic. The inability to hold fundraising and outreach events led to some difficulties in providing for their animals.

“People are unable to, that would normally like to, come here and see the animals and volunteer,” said Victorya Wade, Outreach Coordinator. “They have not been able to, so they forget about us and we don’t get as many donations.”

Normally, the Humane Society holds a few fundraising events for the month of September: the puppy pool party, Animal wet t-shirt contest, and bingo night. These fundraising events help not only help raise money for the animals that are in the shelter, but help make the community aware of the animals that are available for adoption.

“It makes people come to the shelter to see what kind of animals we had,” said Wade. “People that normally would not want to adopt, now they’re like ‘oh maybe I do want to adopt’.”

The shelter has been at capacity for a few months and quickly goes through food and pet supplies.
Wade said even though in-person fundraising events are on hold, there are still ways the community can contribute.

“You can still make a difference and get things shipped to us from Amazon or Chewy that still make an impact for the animals and still help with our care and everyday needs with them,” said Wade.

Wade said the Humane Society hopes to continue their in-person fundraising events towards the end of the year.