SHADY SPRING, WV (WVNS) – With temperatures in the 80s across most of the state, it’s important for athletes to stay hydrated when out in the sun.

Ron Jennings, the athletic trainer for Shady Spring High School says high school football players should be drinking close to two gallons of water every day.

And he tells the Tiger football players, that they need to be hydrating before they even start practicing.

“If you’re feeling thirsty as you’re doing something, or out in the heat just sitting around, then you’re kind of on that latter stage (of dehydration.) You should have been hydrating beforehand. It’s just the body saying ‘hey, we need to get back to an even level’,” Jennings told 59News.

And that’s true, not just for football players, but for other groups spending time outside like the Shady Spring marching band too. Jennings says whether you’re learning the drums, playing football, or even just cutting your grass, you need to be drinking water if you’re spending extended time outside.