TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS)–Infant formula shortages are plaguing the nation and even hits home in the two Virginias.

It’s getting harder and harder to find grocery shelves stocked with baby formula. And there are different factors that are in play when it comes to the situation. It’s a supply chain issue and one large manufacturer was forced to close its doors due to contamination at the facility.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine said he and 30 other Senators wrote a letter urging the manufacturer to reopen and increase formula production.

“Since that letter has gone; three bits of good news. First, the company whose plant was shut down reached an agreement yesterday where they will reopen their plant with the safety concerns resolved within the next couple of weeks,” Kaine said.

Senator Kaine said the federal government even resorted to looking to other countries for help.

“The Biden Administration has announced they will allow importation of baby formula, safe baby formula from other countries to help deal with the short-term supply challenge,” Kaine said.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner said the federal government is also looking at ways to help mothers who are on public assistance programs such as WIC. That legislation is already in the House.

“My friend Bobby Scott has got legislation in the House that would allow particularly those moms who are on any kind of public assistance to be able to buy any baby formula they want,” Warner said.