CHARLESTON WV (WVNS) — The world is still mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with leaders of our nation still making statements about her legacy.

Senator Kaine and Senator Warner, of Virginia, both made statements talking about their encounters with her.

In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II visited Virginia for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. Senator Kaine was serving as Governor of Virginia at the time, and he and his wife Anne hosted the Queen and Prince Philip in Richmond. This was a sad time as well, since a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech occurred, in which the Queen wanted to meet with families of the victims personally.  

“The Queen and the Prince just could not of have been more solicitous of them and it really, really meant something to them at a tough time. So, the fact that she knew that the visit was mostly a celebration but there were some people who really were undergoing a lot of pain, and she wanted to be with them for a few minutes, said an awful lot about her character. So, Virginians are really, really sad to hear this news,” said Senator Kaine.

Senator Warner also added his words of sympathy.

“I would add my condolences as well. She in many ways was the glue that not only held together the United Kingdom, but close to 45, 50 countries I believe that are part of the commonwealth. It is a loss not only for the British people, but I think it’s a loss for the world,” said Senator Warner.

The Queen will continue to be remembered for her wonderful contributions worldwide.