BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Children across the region are looking forward to summer vacation, unlike their parents who are left wondering what activities to do this summer.

If you find yourself wondering, The Raleigh County Public Library is here to help with a Summer Reading Program. Sign-ups have officially started for program titled “An Ocean of Stories”. Circulation Clerk Cari Burns said this will be a great way to keep reading skills sharp all summer.

“Our Summer reading program, kids can sign up for Tuesday, Wednesday at either 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM, or they can sign up for Saturdays. With our summer reading program on Tuesday and Wednesday’s, it’s a more interactive, in-person activity. Miss Nellie reads stories to our two to six and Miss Amy works with the older seven to 12 by doing STEM science, experiments, activities, things like that.”

Cari Burns – Circulation Clerk, Raleigh County Public Library

Burns added this isn’t just kids either as the library also offers a summer adult reading program. Along with other events planned like game tournaments, science fun, concerts, and more, Burns and the library is looking forward to helping parents and the community this summer.

For a full list of events or information to sign up for the summer reading program, visit any of the Raleigh County Public Librarys, or head over to their website.