PINEVILLE, WV (WVNS)– As springtime quickly approaches, ATVs and side-by-sides are reemerging on roadways. 

With the popular Hatfield-McCoy Trails bringing in trail riders from across the country, riders utilize paved roadways to jump between trails.

Here in the Mountain State, these all-terrain vehicles are legal on certain roadways and there are options to make them street legal for long distances. However, according to Wyoming County Sheriff Brad Ellison, just because the ATVs are street legal does not mean having them on roadways is the safest option.  

“They’re not made for paved roads,” Ellison said. “Even the manufacturer puts on them that they’re for off-road use only.  So, even though that in some places it is allowable to ride them on the paved road, you have to be extra careful.”

Ellison said it is because the tires are not created for paved roadways. He added all ATV and side-by-side riders should wear helmets and seatbelts if available while on the roadways.

A complete list of regulations regarding all-terrain vehicles on roadways can be found here