BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — When King Tut Drive-In closed in August, generations of diners said they would miss their favorite dishes and the longtime servers, known as “curb girls.”

At Leisure Lanes on Johnstown Road, those familiar faces are now in the kitchen and behind the counter.

As Leisure Lanes owner Mary Dixon explained on Monday, October 2, 2023, when she heard the drive-in was closing, she asked the owners if she could buy the drive-in’s kitchen equipment.
That’s not all, though.

She said she’s happy to welcome the King Tut workers to her bowling alley.

“I told Mr. and Mrs. McKay that I would like for their legacy to be able to live on because it’s been a national icon in our area forever. So we asked them, could we have some of their recipes, be able to provide some of their products to their customers, along with the different items that we have. So, we are going to be changing the menu and combining some of their best of the best with ours and creating a brand new menu for this area.”

Leisure Lanes workers said the new menu is a work in progress but dishes are already in high demand.

“I worked over as a waitress the other day, and it was just crazy,” said Summer Jasmin, a Leisure Lanes employee. “I had phone calls galore, asking about the food, what we’re going to have, but I told them, ‘Right now, we do have hotdogs, we do have pizzas from leisure lane, but it’s also cool to bring some of the King Tut recipes in, as well.”

It’s not only the past King Tut customers who are thrilled. Robin Perry, who said she moved to the area around 20 years and had not eaten at King Tut when the drive-in was open, said she tried a famous King Tut dish for the time at the bowling alley.

“I had the meatloaf sandwich a couple weeks ago,” said Perry. “And I thought, ‘Wow, you know, they definitely must have been a really good restaurant.’ The food was delicious.”

Dixon asked both King Tut and Leisure Lanes customers to be patient, as the kitchen staff adjusts to a new environment and serving new recipes and as equipment is installed and the new menu is created.

She said it will take time to perfect the new arrangement. King Tut customers may may make suggestions on the Facebook page, in person or by telephone.

Meanwhile, carry-out is available at Leisure Lanes, and King Tut pies are also available for order, she said.