LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS)– Clean water is coming to Greenbrier County for good.

Governor Jim Justice joined officials with the City of Lewisburg to break ground on a $63 million project to upgrade and modernize the Lewisburg water system.

Currently, Lewisburg’s water treatment plant operates 24 hours a day at nearly 100% capacity. As a result, the city was forced to issue boil water notices and endure water outages caused by mechanical failures, source water contamination, and leaks that are hard to find due to the harsh terrain.

“A lot of folks are wanting to come to Lewisburg from all over the world,” said Governor Justice. “But from the standpoint of growth in this great city and everything- limited. And if we don’t do something about the water of all places where we have pristine waters and everything. It’s right here but we’ve got to do some work.”

The project will not only increase the quality and quantity of potable water to the city’s customers – but will also increase the overall resiliency of the system by providing a safe and dependable supply of water to the system. 

It will also allow new customers to be added to the water system, which already serves neighboring communities like Maxwelton, Caldwell and others.

Governor Justice says the years of hard work by local officials in Greenbrier County made this project happen.

“This has been in the initiation process for a long, long time. And you’ve had people that have just kept digging,” said Justice.

One of those local officials who helped make this project happen is Lewisburg Mayor Beverly White. She says it’s a blessing and a relief to see construction on the project finally begin.

“Whoo!” The Mayor exclaimed. “First of all, it is a relief to know that we’ll be able to provide water for our citizens and our visitors. And just to be able to say ‘thank you’ after a long road of getting here.”