LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — While public fear and the number of COVID-19 cases grows, people with the virus continue to quarantine and recover.

The Peytons, a couple from Lewisburg, were not expecting to be the first people in Greenbrier County to test positive for COVID-19.

While the Peytons were enjoying a vacation to Switzerland for some skiing, Angus Peyton, was treated for conjunctivitis, which they associated with being out on the slopes all day.

“We had what I would consider to be nothing more than allergy symptoms, maybe a head cold,” Tracy Peyton said. “We had a little bit of head congestion. Again, on an international trip, nothing I would consider to be out of the ordinary.”

Upon their arrival home, they quarantined themselves at their house and Tracy’s four daughters moved out. But as days passed, they started to feel worse. Both started to realize their sense of taste and smell were gone.

After getting the positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Tracy and her husband, Angus, were relieved, but not everyone felt that way.

“Within a very short period of time, I noticed it was almost, I don’t want to say hysteria, but people were panicked,” Tracy said. “Have they been to Kroger? Does anybody know who it is? Where are they? Have they been in contact with anybody?”

The Peytons wanted to let everyone know they have not left their home in nearly two weeks.

“We want people to know that you don’t need to panic,” Tracy said. “We have been quarantined. We have not been in contact with anybody. We have not been to Kroger. We have not been to Walmart. We were seen at MedExpress here in town. They followed the proper protocol, but other than that, we have not been in contact with anybody.”

They said, for the most part, it felt like having the flu; however, Angus said he hit a particularly rough patch one night with severe gastrointestinal problems.

“As you’re there in that moment, that hour, you really wish you were dead,” Angus said.

The Peytons said the virus is something that should be taken extremely seriously.

“There’s two things we know,” Tracy said. “Social distancing works and the only way you would really get this virus is if you touch something and touch your face. It has to make contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth.”