FLAT TOP, WV (WVNS)–One local family reunion returned to the Mountain State for a weekend of fun.

The 91st annual Lilly Family Reunion came back to the border of Mercer and Raleigh County in Flat Top. This reunion is packed with events for the family all weekend. It included true Lilly family members, their spouses, and children.

Darrell Lilly, the President of the Lilly Family Reunion said it’s always great to see his family come far and wide to celebrate their history.

“I started with the Lilly Reunion in 1997 and well it’s a good feeling when you have when you get people from all over the country to come and spend the weekend with you,” Lilly said.

Lilly said their family comes from all over the United States.

“We’ve got a list of people that have already been here. Usually, 20-something states are represented so all the way from California on back so it’s a good time for people to get together and make new friends and discuss when they were little when they grew up here,” Lilly said.

And speaking of history, the Geneology Booth at the Reunion holds the family tree lineage.

The family grew so much, there was no more room to place family names on paper, so they moved online. Donald Williams, who is one of the Geneology researchers provides the official Lilly Family Tree.

He said figuring out where you come from can really bring back old memories.

“He said well that’s great grandpa Pleasant and the couple behind him said no that’s my great grandfather and they turned and looked at each other and said Fred, Shaw, they haven’t seen each other in years. So, it’s a mini-reunion right here at the reunion and that’s so much fun to do that,” Williams said.

The family also has their own official souvenir shop and brought Bluegrass bands out to their stage to rock out.