Livestock & Pets: Firework safety reminders


LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — The firework tents are starting to pop-up around the region and that can mean danger for our furry friends. Dr. Maryann Mann of the Lewisburg Animal Hospital has some tips for our four legged family members this year.

“Make sure that your pet has an identification tag and/or microchip,” Dr. Mann said.

Dr. Mann said microchipping is great since it cannot be lost. Another danger of fireworks is to livestock, like cattle and horses that startle easily, especially if you plan on taking your animals to any of the local fairs or other 4th of July festivities. Dr. Mann has some tips for owners of these animals, too.

“Obviously, you’d like secure fencing on your property, so your livestock don’t get out. If there is a fair or festival or something where your animal is stabled, then you’ll want to be around,” Dr. Mann explained.

For our domesticated pets, Mann said a thundershirt, playing calming music, making sure ID tags are correct, and simply securing fencing helps keep animals safe during both fireworks and loud storms. For owners who know their pets or animals need a little extra help, there are medications a veterinarian can prescribe.

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