ALDERSON, WV (WVNS)– Alderson Elementary is looking to hit the bullseye in its first year of competition at the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources State Archery Championship on Saturday, March 25. 

“A few years ago we were looking for a little bit of an extra program that would be good for the whole school,” said Coach Jason Ward. “Archery seemed to fit the bill, and then our kids really love it. Our entire community has supported us. We started off with three targets and a handful of arrows, a couple bows. We’ve did raffles. The whole school’s behind us, Alderson, is very proud of us. So we’re feeling good about everything.” 

“To be honest, when it started it was all new and you know, it was fun to do something that you never done before,” said fifth-grader Ellie Boettner. “Tried and I had a really fun time and I got better over the years and it was a lot of fun.”

“On the first moment that they see success, they’re hooked for a lifetime. And this is a lifelong skill they have,” added Ward. “They’re hooked. You know, once they see a bullseye for the first time they love it.”

“This is such a great program. We feel so good here with, with archery, we have our young students, third grade that start with it, and then by the time they get to fourth grade, they’re able to be on our team. We’ve been talking to the Greenbrier County Board of Education. We’re hoping to offer it for middle school and high school students down the line,” he said.

“You know, I think they’re gonna do pretty good, you know, we’re going to stay humble, but we’ve been practicing really hard and they’ve had a great attitude and we’ve had our best week of practice all year, so we’re hoping this Saturday we can do really well.”